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Quite years ago, there was clearly a fantastic picture'Tend not to threaten South Central while drinking your juice in your neighborhood'that we watched on And after her similar films went being a cloud. This film made the parody genre popular. This was also a person's eye with the Wines brothers, who soon made the very best parody comedy, which thus far no question had time to surpass. So,'Scary Movie '.This is the brilliant parody of popular horror and thrillers. It will depend on'I Know What You Did Last Summer'and diluted with parodies of other horror films down the way.Plot. A team of friends accidentally knocks down someone in a vehicle and decides to drown him from the river to ensure no-one knows anything (reminds me, right?). However, after killing their girlfriend, they realise that someone knows about it. Then an persecution of your murderer and murder begins.The film is stuffed with black and vulgar (where will any of us go without this?) Humor, plus the vulgar prevails. But it's still funny. The film doesn't stupidly repeat the events of'I realize that ...'.He shows the flaws and bloopers in this film, employing'Very Scary Movie'these bloopers only to face.Many phrases in the film became winged, as well as the scenes became iconic. Scary Movie is an illustration of how to shoot parodies, because it's not easy. Sumptuously.Actors. Anna Faris is clearly her role. Excellent.Regina Hall amused the most. Additionally a class.The rest (with the exception of Small) were somewhat lost, but played, giving all the best. Okay.Verdict.Among the list of funniest films I've seen. Meant for viewing.